Golden Agers

Leader: Barbara Maise with Bro. David as assistant

Barbara Maise is our event planner for our  "Golden Agers" and various activities for all who would like to attend. Bro. David assists wherever & whenever possible, always ready to help out.

The  "Golden Agers"  meet at 10 a.m. Tuesday ... meet at the church for an "outting" for a time of fellowship, ...a new & different place. It is always fun and filled with encouragement and prayers. 

They are always open for more to join - our young seniors and experienced seniors are encouraged to attend!

In our  Sunday 10:50 a.m. morning worhip services we supply bulletins,  in it you will find announcements for the month, what time to meet, where everyone will go.  Our Church Van will normally be driven so everyone can enjoy their day trip.

Please contact our main church number for more information. God Bless!

  January 2021  
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